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I'm opening an Etsy shop soon. What kind of things would you be interested in buying? (commissions closed at this time; other suggestions welcome) 

4 deviants said Costume accessories (gloves, horns, ears, minihats, etc): i.e. horn/ears from
3 deviants said Sculpty Clay Miniatures (figurines, BJD accessories, etc): (examples to come)
2 deviants said Plushies/beanies (still working on patterns - examples to come)
No deviants said Fleece Ponchos: i.e.
No deviants said Heatable cloth tubes (plain or personized): i.e.
No deviants said Nail art (fake press-on's with my own paint job): i.e.
No deviants said Baby Loop Blankets (alone or pillow set): i.e.
No deviants said Fuzzy arm/leg warmers: i.e. - as pictured with this costume:
No deviants said Cloth Eye Patches - both from scratch and decorated (examples to come)
No deviants said Aprons (Example to come)

From my Darling~

For you BriYou are the one I love beyond all else
The truth of my heart I hope you see
You mean everything to me my true desire
Everything you do I cant help but admire
You are the seed for my love tree
You are the only one I want no one else
I love you with all I am
You're the reason I am still alive
You're the strength that keeps me strong
In your arms I know I belong
You gave me a love in which to believe
You are the reason I am who I am
The time we spend together means so much
I know not the words to describe my love
All I want is you now in my life
You've helped me get past so much strife
You are my peaceful beautiful dove
I love you so very much.
what you meanWhat you mean to me.
When the sun rises each morning
And moon joins us each night
Every day every breath I do for you
My world my heart my ever that is you
No foe would I for you not fight
You are the thing I am always yearning
Every moment I breath in deep
My heart at it beats and pumps
For only one thing and that is you
I love and need one that and that is you
I would go for the very worst fo dumps
To do what ever it takes to make sure you don't weep
The lord above ahs given many things
You are among those great gift
Each heart and breath I take for you
I love bri and that is you
With out you my life is set adrift
And for you id give up my wings

Be MineBe Mine
I am not the best but I am not the worst
I can cook and ic an clean but I do not sing
You are my true love my heart desire
I promise not to play around the fire
And I  when I am there I will give you a ring
Because in my heart and life you are the first
I don't know the best way to say it
You are beautiful wonderful and amazing
But I have a simple question to ask
And I know that to prove myself is a great task
For you are perfectly and utterly dazzling
And I only hope that I will be a perfect fit
But every day and every moment I think
Eventually I pray and hope to capture her heart
Maybe this poem is not getting sappy
I only want her to be happy
Not withstanding my flaws I know the fill a cart
Eventually even a poem will begin to stink
Beloved with those words that I have hidden
Because I am afraid and nervous that I am not deserving
You are my sheltered from the storm my safe cove
BRi you are the only one I love
And as I struggle with words I hope you don't find this
I love youEvery day I wake up and look across my room,
I see the mirror with a single Valentines Day card.
The words on it that mean the most to me are I Love You.
My back is sore, and I'm still have asleep but its not so hard
To get to move for the woman who makes my heart go boom.
The day moves on and I feel my phone vibrate
I see the message my heart begins to melt
A simple phrase: I love you.
Words with a meaning not know but felt
I smile and for you then I thank my lucky fate.
Dinner rolls around and I begin to make the food
Wondering about you I make a mistake and my hand I cut
But the only think that matters is you said I love you
I bandage my hand and glare at the stupid nut
But regardless with you on my mind I am in a good mood.
Finally when night appears and I lay in bed
I think of you our conversation having been at its end
Your final words, sweet dreams and I love you
Flowing through my mind and chills they send
For with those words it is you I know I will wed.
I love you Bri.

I try help with all I can.
My choices never the best.
Hell in the end im always to late
But I should have set a date
So I could be there with you in a nest
And not here feeling like the frying pan
My words my heart flow with tears
I cant find the strength to help
Im to far away to do anymore good
Im as useless as morning wood
I feel like a miserable whelp
Leaving us both alone to face our fears
I cant bring a smile to your face
Or rub your back I feel like such a waste
But I do see a light a new hope
A chance soon to prove im not a dope
That I was worth the wait ims till of your taste
Though I doubt ill be worth the lace
I hope and I beg for a chance
To prove that im worth the wait
I think I understand I didn't need
To your heart I am the only feed
And I swear to bad choices im not bait
For soon I will finally be able to be with u and to dance.
The right or worng choice is upto others
You are the rightest of choices for me
And I don't care what anyone may say
Soon I will hold
center of my worldI wake up in the morning after a dream,
You once again were running through my mind.
You are the first thought I think of when I cook
My breakfast firt thing hoping you would like to look
At the way I cook ad make the meal of some kind
And now I sigh to work it would seem
I work through the long hour
Sighing miserable until I feel a vibration
My leg shaking the phone so close it gives me hope
The word on the phone lit so well was simple.  Grope
I grin wide spasming twitch happy at the attention
I loe all of her twitches gropes I love the attention it is what I devour
The day is over I drive home.  As I do I watch the clock
Her break is near I want to be home before she calls
I don't like to be distracted with the road
She is the one thing on my mind the full load
And incase of dirtier mind I do not mean in my balls
As I near my home the phone rings.  Only left a block.
AS I talk to her I sigh then sadly knowing
That I woud have to wait til that night
To ta

Lost in Darkness...Found in loveI had lost my will, Fallen to shadow
All I felt was darkness my own body didn't listen
And yet I swore I screamed I needed to move
I had to move to get to the one for whom I love
The one woman who calls me ren
And yet I struggle fo feel a light to follow
I love her and I struggle then the fight
I know that its not her voice how sweet
Or the way she makes my body warm
She is my love she makes my heart swarm
And I fight not just for a chance to meet
To feel and know her and her light
I struggle through the black
I hear things but I don't know
But then I feel it within
She needs me and I cant give in
I fight forward to prove to show
That I love her that my heart does not lack.
I was to late to make it to her now
My heart broken in tears
I will not give up not now not ever
She is my one true love my soul mate and lover
I will over come for her my deepest fears
And soon I  will be there with her any how.
BurdenI have caused so many of your tears
Broken hearts and empty dreams
I have caused you nothing but pain
And yet your love for me you maintain
Though ive caused many of your screams
And I have proven true your greatest of fears
Why keep some one like me who only breaks
I am but a burden upon you my love
I know you have for us so much hope
But I feel as if I am simple a dope
Trying to cling to a feather form a dove
Knowing I don't deserve your love i am a freaks
I try to be strong to keep a smile
I know in the end that no matter my actions
I will let you down I will fail
And your faith in me will leave you nio place to bail
My heart for you is true matching your reactions
But the truth be told I am only burden for every mile
I don't know why you see me in such light
Why you give your heart ot me with all your desire
You place in me all your dreams and prayers
But I can not help your prayers or give you answers
I am a failure a burnt out ruined wire
That will fail again and leave you lost i

loving past doubtEvery moment of this life
I have held on close to a one
And you are the one that I adore
I have never felt this way before
And with out you in my life I am done
The loss of you would cut like a knife
I have many and lots of mistakes
But the biggest I made yet today
I began at first to worry to doubt
To forget that our love is absolute
I am so glad you just allow me to stay
I never imagined the  stakes
To lose you any day and anyway
I wouldn't go on I would be lsot
And with out hope or a dream
I would fall apart at every seam
But I now know I msut fight at all cost
To make sure you know why I stay
I love you with all that I am
I will fight until my final breath
To prove to you my love to do it all
To make sure you never forget why I call
You my love and why you take away my breath
I love you Bri with all that I am.



Life Update

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 1, 2014, 9:01 AM
For those who do not already know, I have turned in my resignation at my job. My last day is 10/31/14, a couple weeks after my 10 year anniversary of working for the company. I am also starting the process of filing for SSID (government disability assistance) this Wednesday.  Benefits can start in as little as 6 months, but take an average of 2 years to be approved - I'm hoping by hiring a lawyer it will be on the shorter end of that stick, they think I have a good case (It works against me I kept trying to work after I was disabled... which makes little sense because delays are often caused in application by reviewing if you can work with reasonable accommodation, which I've tried).

Do not say sorry, for this is just the next chapter of my life. I look forward to things many of you take for granted: the energy to take showers every other day, the energy to do my own laundry, the energy to cook healthy food rather than skip meals, and other such seemingly simple things... essentially, the energy to take care of myself in regards to basic everyday needs. I will find another way to help the world, but sometimes... helping others involves helping yourself - always a hard lesson for me to swallow it seems.  

In addition to basic needs, I hope to spend this new time helping my parents clean out our old house from before the move so we can sell it (and get rid of those extra bills), re-awaken my etsy shop for a little extra cash now and then, sew some costumes I've been putting off, write an interview & make a skirt I've owed a couple friends here forever, and settle into the life of the happy housewife for my fiance.

For more information on how to understand someone with chronic pain this is a nice reference:…

That said, onto other brief updates:

I attended the local Japanese Festival at the Botanical Gardens on Saturday.  My best friend Rain gifted me a beautiful kimono that I will cherish forever.  She and her boyfriend Goeff took me, and helped push me around in the wheelchair.  I am not constrained to the wheelchair, but it does give me the freedom to stay at events longer and enjoy them (without feeling like I was hit by a truck the next day).  I hope to have a few pictures posted soon.

Mid-October is Crystal Fair, and I will be Rarity for the Crystal Ball again.  My friend is getting me a cast badge, and I am saving up to allow my two nieces who love MLP come along as well.  We will only be there for the dance on Friday, however - I hope to see a few of my local friends there.

My best friend Rain has arranged for us to return to the Botanical Garden in December for Garden Glow when they light up everything after dark.

My fiance should be moving in soon, and we now have a wedding date set.  After much deliberation we decided on a small courthouse wedding.  Later in the year, we will wear our wedding garb again and invite friends to meet us out at an event (likely the local Renaissance Faire) to take pictures, celebrate, and just enjoy the faire overall whether they want to stick with the group or meander with their families.

Not planning a lot until my fiance has a job in the area and I am on SSID, so events will be very skim for a while - most things I'm going to have been planned for months and cost me less than $20 between help from friends and costumes already owned.  We have a little money saved up, but that is to pay bills until more secure means of income are obtained.

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  • Playing: World of Warcraft
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Artist | Hobbyist | Artisan Crafts
United States
Likes: costumes, photography, nature, smiles, hugs, crafts, uniqueness

Dislikes: being around cigg smoke, drunks, bright light, snobbishness, art thieves

I am a ... voluptous (fat) woman in my upper 20s. I have been physically disabled since jr high school (since around age 12). I do not collect disability because I believe in fighting until the end and working as long as I can (and I'm praying I have someone to take care of me by the time I retire and take up my art full time). I keep my hair short for medical reasons, but I love wearing wigs of various styles and colors (my favorite styles being shoulder-length and wig-color being white). I am also a makeup artist as well as a seamstress. I learned photography from my mother. In art I work in a variety of media and projects. Consider me a jack of all trades, and I will honestly admit I am a master at none. But I enjoy what I do, and that is what counts!

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Current Residence: Missouri - USA
deviantWEAR sizing preference: xxl
Print preference: 8x10
Favourite genre of music: ecclectic
Favourite photographer: my mom cuz she taught me what I know
Favourite style of art: varied
Operating System: Windows Vista
Favourite cartoon character: Nightcrawler
Personal Quote: "Behold the possibilities when you are not afraid to be embarrassed."


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i love seeing people bring their characters to life. Kudos!
Sat Feb 23, 2013, 5:52 AM
My god your gorgious! O_ O
Thu Jun 9, 2011, 8:44 PM
AWWWW Ichiru we LOOOOVEE YOU!!!*Super hug*
Mon Apr 26, 2010, 10:02 PM


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